Vital Signs was an intervention into the daily lives of UBCO students and faculty, asking the question ‘What makes you feel alive?’ and ‘What is vital to your life?’

The questions were positioned within the environment of an ”examination” room, created to mimic that of a doctor’s office or hospital room. The room itself was to lend a level of credibility and security to the ‘patients’, as well as play on the idea of vitals signs—those things that are critical to our being alive (heart beat, temperature, blood pressure).

The room was erected in a public setting in the Administration foyer; a reception area was constructed using existing furniture of couches and coffee table on which I placed magazines and the registration form. A fellow student acted as the greeter/receptionist (dressed in a white lab coat). She was tasked with greeting ‘patients’, answering questions, and assisting them in filling out the registration form. When I was ready for the patient I would take the next registration form and call their name, inviting them into the room behind the hospital curtain (photos available below).

Once behind the curtain I would begin the conversation and exam.

The booth would act as a free-standing installation when not in use. The following video was used as part of the installation.